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Hi, my name is Caroline Herbster! I'm a lifelong artist and a middle school math teacher turned entrepreneur. After creating some watercolor wedding maps for family and friends in 2019-2021, I established Rising Tide Art Studio as a commissions-based art business specializing in storytelling and memory keeping. I loved it so much, that I decided to take a break from teaching and focus all of my energy on creating art. In less than one year, my custom watercolor maps and unique wedding suites earned RTAS the 2022 The Knot Best of Weddings and WeddingWire Couples' Choice awards. If you are interested in collaborating on a custom map or another work of art for your own wedding, anniversary, special event, or just because, please book a free consultation!


Inspiration moves me brightly and constantly gifts new creative ideas. I truly live for live music - I was born to Uncle John's Band by the Grateful Dead (my business's name was inspired here beside the Rising Tide), and I'm a huge Goose Gal and jam band fan! Attending live music is one of my greatest passions, and when it picked back up for me in 2021, something clicked creatively in my spirit. I began creating live art at shows as a creative expression of how I feel the music/energy and a mindfulness practice in being present at each show. I love experiencing concerts this way, and my eye for detail amidst the big picture really comes through in my work. In my studio, I am creating all kinds of fan art merch and I have big dreams for what my art career may become within the music industry! I am always up for custom pieces - especially those that help provide people with sweet memories. Please reach out to collaborate on any creative dreams.


Thanks for being here!


age 16 mo ->

drawing a

little masterpiece

age 24 ->

now in


I'm 27!


<- age 6-7

with my fam

at Suwanee


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