I am a diverse multi-medium artist and a creative polymath. Sorry for the nerdy pretentious word - I just love applying new things I learn in order to remember them. My brother called me a "polymath:" "an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems" (Wikipedia). All the above really means I'm a nerdy lover of life who creates a lot of sh*t and loves learning new things. 


I studied mathematics and secondary mathematics education at Florida State University in the FSU-Teach Program. I have a passion for teaching and loved my higher education as a preservice teacher. I conducted and presented research on the method of Responsive Teaching at conferences and on a podcast. After thriving in my 7th-grade math student teaching, I taught middle school mathematics for a year (+ virutal pandemic learning).

During the pandemic, I moved to my hometown of Ormond Beach, FL and became a permanent substitute at a small school. I taught 3rd grade for 12 weeks, subbed in Pre-K (2) through 5th grade, assisted in 2nd grade, taught music to 4 y.o. through 5th grade for 6 weeks, and tutored four students outside of school in vastly different ways. I feel that the experience I gained in my first two years of teaching is far beyond 2 years of lessons learned. I love teaching - it brings me so much joy and is one of the roles I am built for in this world. I got to dip my toes in the water of everything I wanted to explore as a young teacher: middle school math (where I plan to return), substituting, upper elementary school, early education, teaching an elective/special area, and developing a larger tutoring clientele. I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life, and it grew in many ways over the years. I admired all of my teachers (it helps that both of my parents are teachers, too) and wanted to be like them. As my hobbies and interests developed growing up, my choices of what I would one day teach took many forms. I think the first time I knew I wanted to be a teacher was when I was a babe, but the first time I decided I would one day teach was after winning "Art Teacher for a Day" at the school's silent auction in 2nd grade. I built my own art lessons and taught every class. The silkscreen memory my art teacher made me hangs on my wall. But...before I ever wanted to 



Hi! I'm Caroline Herbster.


My creative journey began when I came into this world to "Uncle John's Band" by the Grateful Dead - the lyrical inspiration for Rising Tide Art Studio. I am often inspired by the Grateful Dead and various music communities, and I find creativity in my unique observations and perceptions of the universe. I have been making art for as long as I can remember and am so happy to share my talents with you!


Rising Tide Art Studio is the "home for all of Caroline's creations." It features custom maps, watercolor and acrylic paintings, drawings, prints, collages, stickers, crochet, jewelry, clay, upcycles, DIY, and whatever I decide to create!! My growth as an artist is spontaneous and ever-evolving; I am an avid student always eager to learn new things and take on artistic challenges. And...I collect a lot of things I see potential in with an artful eye - so I sell a wide variety of items.

One of the products I sell most are custom watercolor and acrylic handpainted maps. They are some of my favorite works of art to create!


I find intense joy in creating for others, especially as gifts; I have also always loved maps and topography, and any friend will tell you I pride myself on my directional orientation lol. So, painting maps is a special chance to use both sides of my brain with my mathematical and artistic talents.

It is a unique pleasure to create things for those in love. I love relationships and the joy of weddings. My custom 'Two Souls' wedding maps began in 2019 when my cousin requested a watercolor map for her wedding's welcome cards. I loved the project, but I didn't paint any maps again until 2021 when I painted two more wedding maps - one for my brother/sister-in-law's invites for their Alaskan wedding, and one for my college bff's Chattanooga wedding welcome bags. The joy I got from these custom maps was the push I needed to finally launch my small art business! The Church on Main Southside Venue saw the map I made and was the first business/venue to partner with me as a preferred vendor and offer pre-made customized maps for their events. This early connection brought a lot of momentum to Rising Tide Art Studio in the summer of 2021, and I decided to devote my energy to a new career that brings me as much passion, joy, and learning with a helluva lot more freedom!

I am so excited to provide the unique service of custom wedding/venue/love-story maps to couples who are getting married, as well as anyone celebrating their love! "Two Souls" custom handpainted maps are perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts, wedding invitations, welcome bags, and more. Choose the Two Souls package at the custom maps link to book your free consultation. If you don't want a map but love my art, I am also available for commissions on any kind of wedding invites and materials, day-of items and art, and more. Literally, whatever artistic or creative dreams you have - I am committed to bringing them to life! 

Maps are not limited to weddings! I love painting maps for all purposes! Maps can be great gifts for college graduations, housewarmings and new moves, vacation memories, reunions and retreats, trip itineraries, corporate events, or to custom commemorate any special location or event. These maps are all about you and are finely detailed to your unique experiences and tastes.

Just choose a package and schedule a free consultation at the custom maps link.

I can't wait to create your vision together!


My whole life I have wanted to put my art out there - so Rising Tide is my opportunity to dive all in. Growing up, I would sign the back of my handmade birthday cards, "Caroline's Creations - Cards for you since today." For over a year, I dreamed about starting a store called "Two Souls Inc" (as in Two Souls in Communion, and why the instagram to browse wedding maps is @TwoSoulsInc). I was led to choose"Rising Tide ___ Studio" for my business name and added a "Two Souls" package.


I love art and am passionate about creating for others. 

I am so eager to finally own Rising Tide Art Studio and Caroline's Creations, LLC.


I am an artist who just loves to create, and I am eager to help you create anything you envision!

Inspiration moves me brightly! Commission me for any of your creative desires - I am always up for a challenge and will do everything I can to bring your dreams to life!

- xoxo, Caroline